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It’s been a crazy busy week for Ill Vibe Theory, so here’s a tad bit delayed #VIBEOFTHEWEEK! Because I really haven’t had time to download or listen to all the new drops from the past week or so, this week is a throwback ALBUM. 

Ill Vibe Announcement: Poetik Force


Today, February 23rd, we’ll be having a jam packed show of interviews. We will be inviting back Poetik Force of Asiatic Rhythms for a second interview to discuss his latest project Mirrors. 

But that’s not all! In the second hour, we’ll be having Inland Empire artists Stevie Crooks, Noa James and 86 Joon.

You won’t want to miss it!

New Video: Adrian Marcel- Liar


Following the drop of his unplugged mixtape “50 Shades of Adrian,” Adrian Marcel drops visuals for his new song “Liar.” The unplugged version of the song is featured on the mixtape. 



This week’s #VIBEOFTHEWEEK is a throwback. With this past weekend being one of remembrance and celebration of an everlasting legacy, it’s only right that a Dilla track is one of our picks. 

MoRuf Interview- February 2, 2015


On February 2, Ill Vibe had a crazy day full of interviews. All the way from Jersey, MoRuf joined the squad on air and talked vibes. From his project Shades.Of.Moo to him working on finishing up his newest projects, working with producers like Iman Omari and Like of Pac Div, introducing us to the Garden Stat’es own– Asha,  traveling the world, the Romantic Movement and much much more. 

Farmer’s Market Hawaii Interview- February 2, 2015

To kick off our busy day in the studio, Ill Vibe got to kick it in studio with Farmers Market Hawaii- Keoni and the beautiful Ms LexBreezy. With the opening of their Vegas location on Black Friday of last year, Farmers Market has made themselves right at home here in the “Ninth Island.”We talked  comradery between fellow Hawaiian brand/businesses in Vegas, The shop’s location and what they refer to as “H-Block”, Allowing everyone to have an open interpretation of the brand, traveling, a little about music, and keeping new releases under wraps. If you were listening, you got an exclusive on an upcoming drop at DXC Las Vegas.



Cozz.” Lately, I’ve found myself having to tell a lot of people about this guy, and there’s a good reason! He makes dope music.

Kyle Dion Interview- January 26,2015


For our first interview of 2015, we got the chance to have Kyle Dion on the show. After playing heavy rotation of the song that we first heard the R&B jazz singer on Kehlani’s “This is How We Do Us” and digging into his archives, we knew that we just have had to bring him on the show. During the interview, we discussed the process Kyle’s process of writing his latest and first mixtape the Sixes and Sevens and the overwhelming amount of love and support that he received from fans. We also talk about his lead single “Purple Meadows” charting on Billboard, “This is How We Do Us” becoming the “new generation “My Boo” (Alicia Keys & Usher), attending a musicians institute in LA and upcoming visuals for “The Other Night in LA.”


So I know that I am super late with this song. However, my #vibeoftheweek is Swedish singer/rhymer (Rhode Island born) Mapei’s “Don’t Wait” off her album Hey Hey, which released last fall. 


Today we’ll be having South Florida singer and songwriter, Kyle Dion, on Ill Vibe Theory for a live phone interview! Join as we discuss his progression from starting out on Soundcloud and YouTube, featuring with Kehlani on her stand out track “How We Do Us” (Cloud 19), and of course his latest and first ever mixtape Sixes and Sevens. Who knows, he may even sing for us or give us a taste of his upcoming album that he’s working on? The only way to find out is to tune in at 5 p.m. PST!