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Impact & Cmplx Co-host


On July 29, we’ll be having local rapper Impact and producer  CMPLX of Real Hits joining us in the studio as our co-hosts. You can check out their work on their websites here!

Interview: The Noir Movement


July 27th we’ll be interviewing Las Vegas neo-soul band, The Noir Movement, on Ill Vibe Theory from 4-6 p.m. Check our their recent project Blanc here!

Mason Possible & Allie Cntrs Co-hosts


 Today we’ll be having Mason Possible and Allie Cntrs from Mission I’mPossible co-host on Ill Vibe Theory from 4-6 p.m.! Tune in from or



KYLE and G-Eazy team up for their new track “King Wavy.” 

Nate Fruition Co-Hosts


We’re honored to announce that we will be having our brother NateFruition of Fruition Las Vegas as our co-host on Ill Vibe Theory on July 15th! He’s the ambassador of encouragement for Mission I’mPossible running group and Fruition stylist & employee. And did we mention that he’s also a singer?


“Deeeeeeesssst!”Still no full understnding, but if you listen to them you know you hear it often. At last, a timely #VIBEOFTHEWEEK for Jocelyn. Only a few weeks out from the release of the music video. As expected, anything that has OverDoz. and Pharrell in the same sentence is an instant classic. My #VIBEOFTHEWEEK is “Last Kiss” by OverDoz. Produced by Pharrell.



Its been a minute since I’ve done one of these, partly because I’ve been stuck on my last pick, but its always a great thing when you find a new artist. My #VIBEOFTHEWEEK goes to Bryson Tiller for his single “Don’t.”

Ill Vibe Goes FM!

After two years of doing student radio at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, we’re proud to announce that we are finally going FM!

Todd Zack Jr. Co-Hosts


Neo Soul/R&B singer, Todd Zack Jr., will be joining KailynHype and JLuna this Wednesday on July 8th as a co-host on the live radio show from 4-6 p.m.!

Art Always Showcase


Ill Vibe Theory will be hosting T.R@bb’s headlining Art Always showcase on July 3rd at Recognizing Real (located at 845 W Craig Rd #102, North Las Vegas, NV 89032), featuring live performances from Las Vegas artists Trade Voorhees, Impact, Nate Quest and Drew Raber. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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